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The monarchy is no more.

There was a time where Tortuga was a celebration, a gathering of crews, each playing host to epic festivities, in conjunction. Then, as egos grew and efforts escalated, cooperation turned to competition. Which crew was providing the “best” experience? The winner was adorned the King of Tortuga. And with that simple act, ambition soon became the driving force. No longer celebrating together, crews and households began to try to outdo each other in their quest for glory… but some saw it as a quest for power and authority. And with that perception, arose suspicion.

While power can be earned, it can also be purchased, and this is what many believed to be the case. The populace denounced the “friendly competition” and demanded that those who desire a throne should have to earn it, not buy it.

The calamity that struck the Nation, nearly tearing it asunder, provided reason to reshape the system. An effort was made in earnest to repair the reputation of those who won the throne by removing all doubt of how it was earned. The masquerade of decadence and deceit was abandoned, as these scholars diligently worked to ensure that only those who earned it would achieve elevated status.

It has long been held that each reign was unique, and those who won the throne would preside in the manner of their choosing. But clearly, even that belief was not without its limits. For the first victors under the revised system cast aside the very method by which they won their seats. They rejected the voice of the people, declared themselves to not be King and Queen thus casting uncertainty on succession, and vowed to grant power to those they had just defeated. The power itself was exposed as the true seed of corruption.

This did not sit well with many. Uprisings were rumored. Rebellions were schemed. Voices cried out. Unrest was at the doorstep.

Some call it a blessing that Plague struck the port when it did, casting crews and houses to the winds. For during this forced absence, tempers were quenched, energies were redirected, and the new proprietors of the Port were afforded the opportunity to reshape the Nation.

One thought continually dominated all others. The vote of the people matters. Why then, are the people voting for monarchs? To vote is to exercise democratic authority, not to bestow power. And thus is was decided, that Nation of Nassau would no longer bow to a throne, but instead would commission a body to work FOR the populace. To serve the public interest. To preside democratically.

Nassau deserved a Pirate Council.

Note from the Lore Master

The Council of Nassau is an in-game competition to choose five individuals to act as representatives and ingame leaders of our community for the duration of one (1) year, spanning from the close of Tortuga Nights, when the winners are announced, to the close of the following year’s Tortuga Nights, when their successors are announced. These individuals will have an assortment of game-related duties described later in this document. Except as specifically provided by PNPN, no benefits or responsibilities outside of the ongoing story/lore of the game will be provided.


All attendees of Tortuga Nights, regardless of group, alliance, faction affiliation or lack thereof, are permitted to organize a campaign to compete in the Council Competition, except for those individuals prohibited under the following conditions:

• Individuals currently sitting on the PNPN board or stakeholders of Legacy Bay

‣ Reasoning: To ensure that those involved with the administrative side of events do not receive advantages in the competition that other members of the community do not have access to

• Individuals currently serving as Councilors

‣ Reasoning: To encourage new members of the community to become involved and to allow new voices to be heard.

• Individuals serving as Department Head Staff for Tortuga Nights the same year they are running.

‣ Reasoning: Staff serving as department heads often have a high demand on their time both before and during events. To ensure the successful completion of their duties, Department Heads are asked to abstain from the Council Competition.

• Individuals involved in the running of the Council Competition at any level

‣ Reasoning: Both competing in and organizing a competition presents a gross conflict of interest.

A notice for staff: While entry into the Council Competition is not prohibited for staff below Department Head positions, they must receive approval from their Department Head or other supervisory staff as applicable prior to submitting. The event Producers reserve the right to “veto” a staff member’s entry based on that staff position’s workload, on a case-by-case basis. All effort shall be made to ensure there is no special treatment or advantages (or appearance thereof) received by any competing staff members. Competing staff found to be using their position for advantages will be disqualified from competition at the discretion of the Producers and the Tortuga Council Coordinator.


Those attendees wishing to enter the Council Competition will adhere to the following requirements:

• Submit your intent to compete to the Competition Coordinator by the posted submission date. Competitors will be limited to 15 on a first come basis.

‣ Exception: No more than one member of a single crew, household, or other group affiliation may enter the competition in any given year. Members on different ships/households within a larger fleet are permitted, to a maximum of two from any such fleet.


The Council Competition will consist of the following major categories and weighted percentages:

• Public Spectacle – 20%. Combination of debate, entertainment on town stage, and other forms of public entertainment (wandering musicians, etc.). Instances of public entertainment shall be reported to the Competition Coordinator to be counted for scoring.

• Games – 20%. Games of physical and intellectual skill will be held at various points on Friday and Saturday, in a format similar to the Defender of Nassau games.

• Popular Vote – 20%. Prospective councilors may win the esteem of the community in whichever way they see fit. This may be service to the community, service to the event itself, or any other effort. Creativity and community outreach is encouraged.

• Skullduggery – 20%. Prospective councilors shall report proof of successful acts of shenanigans, chicanery and/or skullduggery for scoring. All rules of engagement for such activities as defined within the “Codex Pyratical” shall be observed at all times.

• Campaign Donations – 20%. Candidates will open an account with the Bank of Nassau for the purpose of collecting Campaign Donations from the populace.

Public Spectacle

Councilors must be able to see to the needs of the community. One such need is the need for entertainment. This category will be scored based on a combination of debate and public entertainment.


This is intended to be a humorous mockery of a political debate to gauge how well prospective councilors can think on their feet. Answers will be limited to 30 seconds per respondent. The community will be invited to provide questions for the debate. Questions will be selected prior to the event but will not be made available to contestants before the debate.

Public Entertainment

Much like the Pearl of the Sea competition held at Port Nassau, competitors will gain points for hosting events on the official schedule, open to all attendees, such as an evening show or a daytime class or demonstration. Additional points may be earned through other forms of Public Spectacle, such as sponsoring a wandering musician or staging a daring bank heist. Events not on the official schedule shall be reported to the Competition Coordinator at least 30 minutes prior to them occurring to be counted for points, so that the Competition Organizing Team may witness the Spectacle.

Public Stages

Prospective councilors may also opt to sponsor entertainment on any public stage during the event at any time those stages are unoccupied by a scheduled event. These stages will be open for all members of the community to request time on. Stage locations to be determined by the Land Steward.

Non-Affiliated Entertainment

Groups and individuals may host entertainment credited toward competitors. Their intent to support a councilor shall be noted at the time of scheduling their event. If it is an unscheduled event, it shall be reported to the Competition Coordinator at least 30 minutes prior to it occurring to be counted for scoring.

Evening parties, even those hosted by groups unaffiliated with a competitor, will not count towards Entertainment points. Entertainment provided at an evening party (ex, a burlesque show as part of a party) will likewise not count.

If any candidate is found to be making use of a party on Tavern Row for campaigning or endorsement, they may be disqualified from competition at the discretion of the Producers and the Tortuga Council Coordinator.


Councilors must demonstrate their mental and physical fortitude. Team games of physical and intellectual skill will be held at various points on Friday and Saturday. Competitors must compete personally in either the physical games or intellectual games but are welcome to participate in both at their discretion. Council competitors are to sponsor a team to compete on their behalf for the games category they are not competing in.

Competitors must participate in all events assigned to each category for their participation to count (barring extenuating circumstances to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, e.g., physical injury, off-site emergency, etc.). As representatives of the community, they should be seen participating in community activities, and able to demonstrate an ability to gather supporters to compete on their behalf.

Physical Games

Competitors shall enter a team to compete within the Pirate Olympics, as organized by the staff team running that event. The placement of competing groups relative to other Councilor groups shall be used to determine points for the Council Competition.

Intellectual Games

Competitors shall enter a team to complete various intellectual challenges held at various times on Friday and Saturday. This team does not have to be the same as that competing in the Pirate Olympics. Such challenges may include a scavenger hunt, a display of nautical knowledge and skill, or other challenges that focus on knowledge rather than physical prowess. Details of these challenges shall be posted at least one month in advance of Tortuga Nights. As with the physical games, the intellectual games will be open to all members of the community, and Council competitors will only be scored against each other.

In addition to points for relative ranking, Councilors will receive bonus points for placing in 1st place (3 points), second place (2 points), or third place (1 point) overall.

Members of the community may volunteer to host Intellectual games at the approval of the Competition Coordinator. Game hosts will receive volunteer pay for the duration of the game.

Popular Vote

Councilors should be able to secure the support of the community that they will be representing. There are many ways to win the esteem of the community, and councilors should be creative in their efforts.

Town Square

Hosting parties is no longer tied to entering or winning the council competition. Competitors will instead be asked to support the Town Square in some way. This may include:

• Providing service to merchants

• Providing decor for increased immersion within the Town Square or the frontage of adjacent camps

Community Service

Many attendees consider the character of those running when casting their vote. Prospective councilors may find great benefit to performing volunteer service at the events leading up to and during the competition at Tortuga Nights. This is often an effective way to engage with the community and to encourage the community to vote in one’s favor. If Council competitors fail to show up for a volunteer shift, this will be counted against their final score.


Hosting events and classes are a valuable method of drawing the community to a prospective councilor’s camp to learn more about who is running. Such activities hosted by prospective councilors will also count towards Public Spectacle scores if scheduled or reported to the Competition Coordinator in advance.

Other Methods

None of the methods of vote procurement listed above are required, nor are they an exhaustive list of all possible methods. It is up to each individual running for the council to determine how they wish to secure the popular vote. The best odds of securing a seat will come through the combination of multiple methods.

When Voting

Each attendee will receive a voting ticket at check-in at Tortuga Nights. Attendees may vote at any time the voting booth is open but must present a valid voting ticket. Competitors or their agents may not collect voting tickets to vote on behalf of third parties. This ticket will be collected at time of voting to be entered into a raffle.


Councilors should demonstrate their ability to engage in acts of shenanigans, chicanery and/or skullduggery, as is suitable for a representative of a nation of pirates.

Prospective councilors shall adhere at all times to the rules as defined in “Role Playing Piracy” found in the “Codex Pyratical”. Individuals or groups wishing to support a specific councilor may also report acts of Skullduggery to be counted toward their score.

This category has been left intentionally vague so as to allow prospective councilors the freedom to engage in shenanigans as they see fit. All questions of permissiveness of an act of Skullduggery shall be submitted to the Competition Coordinator and the Immersion Coordinator in advance, but if there is any doubt as to if an act breaks the rules or not, wait for a ruling prior to engaging.

Campaign Donations

In addition to their vote, members of the populace will be able to directly impact the competition through Campaign Donations. Just as competitors should engage the populace to earn their vote, they should also solicit donations of Sterling to fund their campaign.

Competitors will open an account with the Bank of Nassau for the sole purpose of collecting these donations. No withdrawals will be permitted from campaign accounts. A balance of minimum 10 Sterling is required to open this account, and the competitor must be clear that the account is for their campaign bid, when opening it with the Bank.

All attendees may make a single campaign donation of a maximum of 50 Sterling to any single account. Donations may be made to multiple accounts, to a maximum of 50 Sterling each, but must be made at the same time. At the time of donation, the Bank will collect the attendee’s Donate Ticket (received at event check-in) to be placed into a raffle. Donations to campaign accounts will not be accepted without a valid Donate ticket.

Winning Councilors will receive 10% of their final account balance, minimum 100 Sterling.


All scoring shall end at 2am Sunday morning, except for the Popular Vote and Campaign Donations, which shall close Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. Any instances of Public Spectacle or Skullduggery not reported before that time will not be included in the scoring calculations for those categories, but may still be used for swaying the Popular Vote.

Each councilor will be given a category score based on their position relative to other council teams as follows:

• First Place: 12 points

• Second Place: 10 points

• Third Place: 8 points

• And so on down to Sixth Place scoring 2 points. All ranks below sixth will receive no score.

Each category will be weighted equally at 20% of the total score.

Public Spectacle

The winner of the debate, as determined by those in attendance, shall be awarded 5 points.

Competitors hosting events on the official schedule shall be awarded 2 points per event.

Competitors hosting non-scheduled events shall be awarded 1 point per event, assuming the Competition Coordinator was informed before the event. Total spectacle point value will be used to determine ranking.


Council Teams will receive a place score for each of the Physical and Intellectual Games. Each will be worth 10% of the score, for a total Games Category weight of 20%.

Popular Vote

A ranked choice voting system will be used. Voters will be asked to rank their votes, in order. At the close of voting, votes will be tallied to determine the top six. These six will receive scores based on their ranking.

Voting Hours and Location:

Saturday     Scuttlebutt     Noon – Close of Scuttlebutt

Saturday     Town Hall     8pm – Midnight

Sunday       Town Hall     10am – 2pm

At time of voting, prospective councilors may provide refreshments for those voting, however no group is allowed to actively campaign within the voting area.

Passive campaign tactics allowed include:

• Wearing garb/outfits related to a prospective councilor’s identity

• Placing a sign on a table identifying the prospective councilor

• Other use of logos/branding on refreshments

Active campaign tactics not allowed at the voting area include:

• Vocalizing chants or slogans

• Approaching those in line to advertise one’s prospective councilor

All forms of active campaigning shall be allowed outside of the voting area at a minimum of 25’ distance from the entry to such voting area.


Each competitor shall receive 1 point for each successful act of general Shenanigans (as described in the written rules in the “Codex Pyratical”).

Each competitor shall receive 2 points for each successful act of Shenanigans involving an in-game Artifact.

Each competitor shall receive 5 points for successful Bank Robberies. Unsuccessful Bank Robberies will count as an act of general Shenanigans.

If multiple competitors participate in a single act of skullduggery, each competitor shall receive points.

Campaign Donations

The total balance of Councilor Campaign accounts will be tallied and ranked for points.

Total Score

The councilor with the highest score will be named Council Speaker. They will receive certain benefits above that of their peers in recognition of having achieved the highest score and will be the “council leader”.

The councilors placing 2nd through 5th will be named Councilors. They will receive certain in-game benefits in recognition of having won a seat on the Council.

These five individuals will make up the Council of Nassau for the following year.

In the case of a tie of final scores, a tiebreaker will be based on scores in the Popular Vote category.


In this example, Competitor B would be Council Speaker. Competitors A, C, & D would be Councilors. Competitor F will be the final councilor, as they have the highest Vote score of the three tied scores


Town Stages

Town Stages will be made available for the community to schedule their own entertainment and activities. These stages will be located per the Land Steward.

Prospective councilors may also schedule time on Town Stages if they wish to provide entertainment but do not have the facilities to do so.

Prospective councilors will have priority for scheduling on Town Stages. Second priority will go to those providing entertainment on behalf of a prospective councilor.

If individuals or groups wish to attribute their performance on the Town Stage to a prospective councilor, their performance will count for points under Public Spectacle.

Town Hall

The Town Hall will be opened Saturday night as a neutral lounge for the enjoyment of event attendees. The purpose of this lounge is to provide a place of respite for Tavern Row attendees who need a break from parties without having to leave the party area.

Each individual competing will be responsible to provide some degree of hospitality for the lounge. This may include water or other non-alcoholic drinks, food, seating, decor, games, music, or any other service to provide comfort. These provisions will be coordinated with the Competition Coordinator. Competitors shall work together to equally provide a full range of comforts for the community. Services provided at the Town Hall may be tied to a campaign. Competitors or their representative shall be present at all times in the Lounge from the hours of 8pm Saturday to Midnight, or at such time all competitors agree to close the lounge.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Council

The Council of Nassau is an in-game position only. The duties of the Council shall be to support the community and aid in the development of increased gameplay opportunities. The Council shall be required to produce an In-Game Artifact for use in piracy gameplay, as well as undertake a service project to improve the community in some way.


As part of the development of new gameplay initiatives, a redesigned Piracy Game will focus on the procurement of in-game Artifacts – items specifically designed and labeled for removing from public areas of camps. Refer to “Artifacts” in the “Codex Pyratical”. The Council will be required to create, as a group, one (1) new Artifact for use in this Piracy game, per the guidelines for Artifact creation.

Service Project

Councilors are chosen as representatives of the community. As representatives, they are most in touch with the desires and needs of the community. The Council will undertake, as a group, a service project that will improve the community or events in some way. This project may be a series of informational videos, skills demonstrations/lessons at events, the creation of a physical asset for the event, or any other project that will serve the community, at their discretion. This Service Project should involve all councilors and be made available to the entire community. When possible, live demos should be recorded and published for future access.

At Events

Opening and Closing Town Halls

Councilors shall be present at opening and closing Town Halls of PNPN events to participate in in-game presentations. These will vary by event, but may include any of the following:

• Kicking off weekend-long competitions such as Defender of Nassau or the Council of Nassau, recognizing the winner(s), and facilitate the transition of titles.

• Presenting earned in-game honors such as high-tier Titles

• Presenting honors/awards to those who are recognized for outstanding service to the community

• Participating in in-game trials or other theatrics in-keeping with the ongoing lore of the game

Councilors shall coordinate with the event Producers to determine which matters fall under in-game play to be presented by the Council, and out-of-game announcements to be presented by the Producers. Both Producers and Council shall strive to make clear when the transition to in-game play occurs.

Mock Trials

Included in the new gameplay initiatives will be the creation of arrest warrants issued by the Sheriff. Those arrested by writ of the Sheriff will have the opportunity to present themselves at a trial by the Council to plead their innocence. At these trials, three Councilors will sit as Judges. The other two councilors will serve as Prosecutor and Defense of the accused. Rules for the Arrest Warrant game will be developed and published in conjunction with the Tortuga Council game, Lore Master, and Sheriff.

Other Games

As additional gameplay initiatives are put into play, the Council may find themselves holding some role in those as well. Councilors should be willing to participate in various gameplay elements as new games come into existence, and work with those developing the new games to ensure the requirements placed on the Council are fair to those involved.

Benefits Awarded to the Council

Members of the council will receive the following benefits:

Out of Game

• One (1) Parking space within the reserved lot for a standard size vehicle OR discounted parking for one (1) oversized vehicle/trailer at any PNPN event during the year of their service

• One (1) comped ticket to a PNPN event of their choice during the year of their service (Council Leader will receive 2 tickets)

In Game

• Priority Land Grant Selection for up to (2) units of land for any PNPN event during the year of their service

• 10% of value of Campaign Donations from their competing year, minimum 100 Sterling (Council Leader will receive 15%)

How Do Factions Tie In?

The Faction system is an entirely opt-in, in-game system to increase immersion and gameplay between attendees at PNPN events. Prospective councilors may belong to any, or no faction, at their discretion. Multiple individuals may compete from the same faction. The final council may be made up of any combination of factions, based on the professed loyalty of those sworn in.

Prospective councilors should use their faction status to inform their in-game choices over the course of their service. A majority Crown Council may make in-game decrees favoring their faction and the return to a rule of nobility, short of declaring themselves Monarchs. A Key Council may create loopholes for acts of Larceny and weaken the office of the Sheriff. A split Council may see two factions working together against the third. It is up to the creativity of those sitting on the council for how they want to impact the lore surrounding the game. Councilors are reminded that they are playing a game; any disagreements should remain in-game.

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