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A Party of Favors

This is a game of Skill and Diplomacy to gather favors from your Merchants to earn credibility within your faction. Each participant will register a team of 3 (not including themselves) Quill members on the pre-registration from before the event.

Object of game:

Collect the most favors from Merchants within one hour.

How to Play:

Each participant will gather as many favors as they can from the Merchants. Each merchant will have favors to give (flag with a quill on it). To earn that favor you must perform/complete whatever task the merchant chooses to bestow upon you. This could mean completing the task before someone else does. The team that completes a task the quickest will receive the favor.

Whichever team has the most favors after 1 hour wins and the Senator advances to Tier 6. The Senator that came in Second Place will also advance to Tier 6. Advancement is not guaranteed until all requirements for Tier 6 are completed.

Lay Siege

Each person competing will register a team of 12 people on the pre-registration form before each event.

This is a live action version of the game of Checkers! Two (2) captains will pay against each other. Each player begins the game with 10 pawns and places them on the 10 dark squares closest to them. The first person that reached Tier 5 will go First. If there are more than 2 opponents competing for Tier 6 then each player will play one round. The winners will then play against each other. The winner will advance to tier 6. A second round will then commence to see who will advance to the second tier 6 position, alternating who goes first.

Object of Game:

Win by clearing the board of your enemy’s pawns, or if your opponent cannot make a move.

How to Play:


The pawns always move diagonally and are always limited to forward moves. A pawn making a non-capturing move may only move one square. The Captains will tell their pawns where to move and are allowed to walk around the board.


To capture a pawn of your opponent, your pawn will throw a water balloon at the opposing pawn and then moves in a straight diagonal line on the other side of the opponent. (this would be like jumping over the pawn and landing in the square behind it) This “landing’ square must be empty.(each player will be provided with a tote of water balloons to hand to the attacking pawn) When a pawn is captured it is removed from the board.

Only one piece may be captured in a single “jump”, but multiple jumps are allowed on a single turn.

If a player is able to make the capture, then the “jump” must be made.

If more than one capture is available, then the player decides if they prefer this or not.

Single pieces may shift direction diagonally during a multiple capture turn, but must always jump forward, toward the opponent.

Upgraded a pawn to a King:

When a pawn reaches the furthest row, it is crowned and Becomes a King. Only 2 Kings are allowed per team.

Kings are limited to moving diagonally but can move both forward and backward.

Kings may combine jumps in several directions (forward and backward) on the same turn.

End of Game:

A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. This happens usually because all of the opponent’s pawns have been captured, but it could also be because all of their pieces are blocked in.

Additional Rules:

If during 20 moves. (10 buy each player), only Kings have changed position and there appear to be repeating movements, then a referee will step in to determine the winner according to who holds the strongest position.

It is ENCOURAGED to annoy, or distract your opponent any way you can.

Battleship Rules

Just like the nostalgic 1967 board game, the goal is to sink your opponent's ships before they sink yours!

Each person competing will register a team of 13 people on the pre-registration form before each event. These 13 people will create your ships. Two (2) people are the Submarine, Three (3) people are the Carrier, Three (3) people are the Cruiser, and Five (5) people are the Battleship.

You may place your ships anywhere on the grid, people forming the ship must be next to each other. You cannot “split your ship”, Ships cannot be placed diagonally. Each person of a ship must be hit in order to sink the ship.

How to Play:

Each opponent stands facing their grid, backs to each other.Grids are labeled A-J,1-10. Once all ships have been placed, a coin is flipped to see who goes first. On your turn, call out a grid coordinate, example A-1. The referee will throw a water balloon at that spot. If it hits a person your opponent will call out “HIT”, if there is not a person in that spot they will call out “MISS”. Then it is the other players turn. When all people of one ship have been hit, that boat is sunk.

The winner advances to Tier 6 once all other requirements have been met.

The Game ends when all opponent’s ships are sunk or if the Battleship is sunk.

When your battleship is sunk you must declare “ARRG! YOU SUNK ME BATTLESHIP”